The Shape of Wisdom


This collage divination was created as an accompaniment for Shiloh Sophia's Intentional Creativity course Codex.  The intention is to catch some of your personal essential wisdom by using collage and shape.

There is nothing that I love more than collage for catching hold of what I don't realize that I know. 
1. Doodle a bottle/container
2. Fill it bottom to top with images, gluing as you go.
3. Draw a circle and translate "My wisdom is creating space for..."
4. Draw a square and translate "My wisdom is building..."
5. Draw a triangle and translate "My wisdom is visioning..."

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Let it OUT. Let it IN

I've been getting my ass kicked recently.
No need to send condolences, I asked for it. 

I'm deep in my favorite annual big mama painting course for Cosmic Cowgirls - Legend.
And the themes that are coming up for review are...well...ass kickers.
This is my painting. (Doesn't she look like she could take me in a fight?)
Excavating themes of empathy, emotional caretaking, identity, beliefs.
Makes me want to crawl under the covers
Whether you ask for it or life just hits you with a one two three punch, what I've noticed is that checking out isn't actually the answer during the overwhelm times. Checking in is the magical answer. Duh, right?  And I know we all do the best we can and sometimes we just can't. So I was super thankful to develop the following intentional creativity game as a way to reclaim the skipped moments for myself.

I loved it as a gift to my sweet introvert spirit. Whether it was a difficult moment...
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How do you start to look in a direction that you haven't been looking? You'll need a half hour, magazine, glue and a willingness to be surprised.  Note that the second half of the video includes the "secret decoder key" to our perspective game - so get ready to hit pause! (It's WAY more fun if you don't know where this is going while you're creating your collage!)

created for Codex

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Art Prompt: Transcendence


Part one Ordinary is above Part two transcendence is below:

How can you practice using conversation to move your art from ordinary to transcendent?

(Originally included in the year long course Imagine)

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On the Joy of a Goldfish life + Inner Monsters PEEK


Do you have someone in your life who really GETS your humor? Someone who knows just what's going to tickle your funny bone?  I have a confession to make - "historic me" makes me laugh.

When I gave birth to Hazel in 2015 I crossed over some sort of weird memory bridge. Maybe it was the hormones or sleep deprivation or simply that whole "erase previous files" initiation of having a baby but honestly I don't really remember what happened before her.  Serious bonus - that means I can go back and read all my favorite books "for the first time" and it also means that I can watch the prompts from my older classes and enjoy them as if someone else made them. 

I've just made my Inner Monsters class available to add to your library this month. It's half off (or free for 30 days if you're low on funds). There's a lot that feels antiquated from 2014. iMovie graphics, the size of the frame, my editing. But the prompt that I added above might be one of my favorite parts of a course...

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PEEK A painting process for communing


Even without consciously telling myself "Hey! Day of the Dead and all that!" I notice that as this season turns, and I step two feet into October, my thoughts organically turn towards those who have come before and those who have walked on. I find it so striking that the veils actually are thin in this season. That poetic seasonal themes wrap around a natural intuitive inclination.  

In honor of this urge to honor, I created this short process for communing with Kindred Spirits - both kin and kin by claim. I wanted a process that was basic - for beginners and advanced painters - so that the focus could  be on listening instead of any technical aspect.

What I didn't expect is that the process would be so powerful personally.  That my own ancestors would be right there and accessible- with such distinct personalities and with messages that that make me cry (and cry again every time I edit the video!) 

I can't wait for you to try it.  Here's a speed through...

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8/23 NEWSLETTER Permission to skip to the good stuff

How do you spend your art time? Why do you make art? The biggest shortcut I take is that 7 times out of 10, when I'm creating a painting, I start by following the lines of a person in a photo. I coooooould be spending my art time teaching myself to draw by hand. But that part is a bit yawn for me. My favorite parts are playing with the paint as it layers on the canvas and finding the story that my developing character wants to share. So I jump right to those parts!

There are some seriously crazy ways to transfer images out there. Light machines, unwieldy tracing paper, a ridiculous technique where you lay down matte medium and then rub it away with water. Gracious, I don't want to spend my time doing any of that either! The easy peasy way is to use charcoal (esp on a canvas) or even colored pencil if you're in your journal:

Following the shape, choosing what to accent and what to adjust, feeling the grace of a curve, noticing the lift of a line - fun!

That video is from my longer...

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ART PROMPT: The Rule Maker


Hey again! As I've mentioned, Rebel Rules opens tomorrow and I'm giddy about it. I   wanted to share the opening prompt because it is deliciously informative, surprising and fun to do. I hope when you give it a go, you'll email me with what you learned!

Day One. Let's get this party started! So! During our three week cycle together we will be defining and refining our own set of rules for wellness. Previously I invited you to start to notice which habits are calling: those you are ready to start and those you are ready to stop. And now I want to you shake all that off and just LISTEN. We're going to invite a character onto the page who is a facet of our internal genius. We're calling this aspect the "Rule Maker" and I'd love you to get ready to be surprised by what they have to tell you. For today's start you'll need your journal, collage supplies and a sense of curiosity!

Summary: Intentionally call upon the "Rule Maker" to reveal themselves as you flip through a...

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Art Prompt: The Wild Woman


Creating an external representation of the Wild Woman, especially one that can point you to some new information, is always useful. If you are free with your doodling or painting, that would work. But I find that collages surprise me the most... What message might you find in 13 “random” images?

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Art Prompt: Exploring Everday Stories


This is my favorite sneaky way of making magic. Art along with me or just watch and consider. Part One is above and parts two and three below.

Creating an Ordinary Talisman

And Part Three: Activating a New Story

This mini was delivered as part of Imagine in 2017. My specific & favorite supplies are listed in the menu.  We'd love to see a peek at your journal page. There's an option to upload photos in the comments section below.

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